Auckland is well connected to The O.M.C. It’s a short walk to catch the train at Onehunga Station and hopping on a bus is easy from Upper Municipal Place, just behind The O.M.C.

Onehunga is an evolving heritage neighbourhood. From humble beginnings as a village built by pioneer settlers, this place is undergoing carefully managed change. Like the Workingmens club that once stood here on 158 Onehunga Mall, there are new stories being written and told. The O.M.C is a place for locals, both old and new.

Discover your neighbourhood

Choose from an eclectic selection of places to eat and drink along Onehunga Mall before walking it off along the Onehunga Bay to Waikowhai Coastal Boardwalk. When the borders open it’s not far to Auckland Airport, and the Waterview Tunnel makes it easy to drive anywhere you need to.

The Onehunga Mall Club
158 Onehunga Mall

Every place has a story to tell. You can find those stories online as reviews and ratings. To get those stars, there are lots of little stories that make it all up. Here are a few stories about the places we like, close to The O.M.C. Enjoy.

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